The Romanesque masterpiece of San Zeno is Verona's cathedral, dedicated to the city's patron saint. It was built in the 5th century to hold the relics of the saint, who died here in 380 and is credited with converting Verona to Christianity and working many miracles.

The original chapel was rebuilt to accommodate the number of pilgrims coming and to serve the large Benedictine monastery that grew up here. The current cathedral dates to the 1300s. The facade in tufo stone is adorned with carvings and a lovely rose window. There are magnificent relief carvings of Biblical scenes, with old testament stories on the right and those from the new testament on the left, sprinkled with allegorical scenes, as well. The impressive bronze doors, dating from the 1100s, are some of the first cast bronzes completed since Roman times. There are 48 stunning relief panels depicting the life of St. Zeno and Bible scenes.

The campanile bell tower stands with brick bands that match the stone work on the side of the church. It was finished in 1178. Inside the cathedral is a lofty space in bands of marble, and some frescoes. The crypt is supported by ancient columns that were salvaged from Roman sites. The relics of the saint are housed here in the crypt.

The Romanesque cloister is a green enclosed haven with double red marble columns and a peaceful atmosphere.

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Address in Verona:

Piazza San Zeno.