San Siro is a collection of villages on the shores and hills of Lake Como. The largest towns in the municipality are Santa Maria Rezzonico and Abbondio. Tiny villages on the hill above the lake are part of the municipal designation, with nice views. Trails and streets link them together, so San Siro is a good place for hikers. The alpine panoramas are unbeatable and there are small beaches on the lake shore to enjoy.

Roman origins marked the area, and an ancient stone marker dedicated to the god Neptune was found here. The Dominican church of Santa Maria Assunta was built in the 14th century and has Gothic arches on its ornate facade. The interior is richly painted. There are coffee bars, green grocers, shops and restaurants scattered throughout San Siro. The castle of Sant'Abbondio is a defining feature above the old town.

The town of Santa Maria Rezzonico is a cluster of stone buildings and narrow lanes with colonnades, archways, and stairways meandering among them. There are a handful of stores, coffee bars and restaurants to enjoy, with other services and shops in neighboring towns like San Siro and Menaggio. There is even a golf course in Menaggio! You can also catch ferries from Menaggio to Varenna and Bellagio.

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