The Archeological Park of San Salvatore is just a few miles from the famed Lido di Orri beach. Located in the native scrub-covered hills, this is an important neolithic site that was a center for the Nuraghe tribes. It is believed that the village dates to about 1,500 BC. The remains of stone-built circular tower have evidence of a staircase that would have led to upper floors. Stone nuraghic huts, found throughout Sardinia, encircled the site. The tower had a trapezoidal entry door. But the burial sites and "menhir" are the real attraction. The megalithic monument of upright stones arranged in a semi-circular formation is reminiscent of ancient sites like Stonehenge.

Granite blocks were used for walls. The primitive village was also surprisingly advanced to have built such monuments.

The Parco Archeologico di San Salvatore is also known locally as S'Ortali e Su Monti. It is located near Orri' and Tortoli, south of Lotzorai.

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