Leave it to southern Italy to do a grand extravaganza for a holiday, and Salerno really does it up. The Luci d'Artista is an annual light display that goes beyond the "usual" -far beyond! The themes of the lights change every light - and the displays deck out every street and square in the city center. From sea creatures to the traditional nativity and Christmas themes (angels, wise men, reindeer) and trees of golden fairy lights, you'll see it all (and more!) at the Luci d'Artista. Another lightlight is the Ruota Panoramica, or Panoramic Ferris Wheel on the waterfront!

The lights go up in mid-November and stay lit until mid-January, giving you plenty of time to get to Salerno to see them. The easiest way to get here is by train; from the central station, you can easily walk up the corso under a spray of lights, enjoying the cafes and shops along the way, to the centro storico. The narrow streets of the old town then feed to the Villa Comunale park with the most elaborate displays. Then, return along the seafront. Of course, Salerno has plenty of excellent restaurants to really enhance the experience. And we have some fantastic properties for you here, to enjoy the city, the coast, the atmosphere and the food for a few days or a week!

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