A few kilometers outside Baunei among woods and olive trees is a rustic restaurant with real Sardinian cuisine. It is located in what was a traditional pastoral hut made of stone with a conical juniper branch roof, making it a unique and quaint setting. The kitchen maintains the rural traditions of the island by utilizing the great fireplace to roast meats like succulent goat, tender lamb and local pork. There are hand-made pastas, and other specialties, along with scrumptious desserts made in-house. Local wines compliment the flavors.

The wide outdoor terrace is delightful on a summer evening while the rustic interior is cozy in cooler weather. This is a unique spot, outside Baunei off the road that leads toward Cala Goloritze.

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Address in Baunei:

Localita' Golgo.

Ph. (+39) 337 811 828.

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