In the "island" part of town, the old section cradled between the river's branches, is this charming restaurant. Il Vecchio Corso is set in an old cantina and retains the rustic stone arches and wood ceilings as accents to a cozy and romantic ambiance. The restaurant is known for its fresh, authentic dishes presented nicely. The antipasto is one of the house specialties, with several imaginative dishes included in it. The pastas are made in house, and the main courses use fresh, quality meat.

This place is nice enough for a special occasion dinner, but homey enough to be comfortable and welcoming for an ordinary meal, too.

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Address in Isola del Liri:

Via Catarinelli, 13.

Ph. (+39) 077 680 6009 .

Enjoy the comfort of a home rental in Rome and Latium.