A cool locale in the heart of Alghero, this place offers nice atmosphere and good food. Billed as both a wine bar and a restaurant, you can enjoy just a glass of wine and appetizer plates, or a full meal. It is near the Piazza Civica, making it easy to get to, and the menu changes daily based on what is fresh and what the chef decides to cook.

It is a creative cuisine based on local traditions but with a flair of creativity. There might be a Catalan inspired dish, like the paella made with fregola sarda (a type of rustic, toasted couscous typical to Sardinia), or fish topped with fruit in Moorish style (like tuna with mango). There are more traditional plates, too.

Closed Tuesdays.

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Address in Alghero:

Vicolo Adami, 47.

Ph. (+39) 079 973 1126.

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