With a Michelin star rating under his belt, Chef Theo Penati knows how to please diners. With a philosophy that a restauranteur is a blend of psychologist, botanist, sociologist and artist, as well as a great cook, he develops menus and events that palatable and pleasing, as well.

There are fixed menu options and a la carte menus featuring the areas culinary traditions with creative twists. The restaurant organizes fun special dinners - like the popular Under 35 Night for young foodies to mingle and enjoy an evening of camaraderie; the Bolliti e Formaggio, highlighting the area's tradition of boiled meat and excellent cheese; and Seafood Nights, among others. Of course, they will host a special party just for your group on request.

With lovely surroundings and excellent food, this is a great place for a special dinner during your trip.

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Address in Sirtori:

Via XXIV Maggio, 36 Vigano Brianza.

Ph. (+39) 039 956 020.