Down a stepped street in the historic center of Narni, this lovely place is a winner in both atmosphere and food. The "liberated hen" in question left Rome to move to the countryside here, raise happy egg-laying chickens, and grow vegetables, which are used in the kitchen. The motto is "Che c'e, c'e" meaning roughly, "we have what we have". The day's menu changes based on ingredients and the cook's fancy. But don't worry, it's always good! There are a couple choices for each course, prepared fresh to order. The "shabby-chic" decor is warm and homey, fresh flowers adorn the tables, and the overall effect is cozy and welcoming. The food is made with fresh local ingredients. Open for lunch and dinner daily.

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Address in Narni:

Vicolo Belvedere, 13.

Ph. (+39) 349 254 3515.

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