Enjoy a fine meal in an exquisite setting in the town of Racale, where you will feel like you're eating in a secret garden. The Giardino dei Tolomei is tucked in the courtyard of a noble home, with the internal dining rooms in warm, rustic stone-built storerooms of the building that once belonged to the feudal family Tolomei. Their family crest is still on the portal at the restaurant's entrance.

The dishes are carefully prepared and beautifully presented to give you a sophisticated experience, but still maintain the traditions of the Salento and use only fresh, seasonal ingredients. There is a choice of seafood or land-based dishes assuring something delicious for every taste. This is a nice place to celebrate a special occasion or for a leisurely relaxing meal in beautiful surroundings.

The Giardino dei Tolomei is open for dinner every evening, and for Sunday lunch by reservation.

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Address in Racale:

Via Regina Margherita, 32.

Ph. (+39) 324 924 1810.

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