The restaurant Giardini Riamondi is in a very cool antique farm building that was once an olive oil mill. They've kept the millstones and reservoir on display for rustic effect, along with candlelight for a touch of romance. There's a fireplace for winter enjoyment and an outdoor terrace for warm-weather dining. It's just outside the town of Sannicola.

They have a lengthy antipasto menu that could create a meal in iteself. Pastas are handmade and served with tomato sauce, meat sauce or vegetable based sauces, as well as some seafood choices. Puglian plates like meatballs, roasted fish, and stuffed peppers or eggplant are specialties to try. Desserts are all homemade, too. The wine list comes directly from the Salento vineyards.

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Address in Sannicola:

Contrada Monzilla.

Ph. (+39) 083 323 1435.

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