Ristorante Elea is a basic but warm dining room in the Hotel Elea, a few blocks from the beaches in Ascea Marina. It's officially dubbed Ristorante Zafferano but all the locals just refer to it as Elea. While the room might be rather unassuming, the dishes are carefully prepared and served with style. The menu features regional dishes along with some specialties that take on an international flair. The ciambotta di mare is a Cilento classic (a seafood stew), while the chef shows his style with the bass served with asparagus cream and the teriyaki shrimp tempura.

There is a "normal" a la carte menu, along with a special tasting menu that changes weekly. The restaurant is air-conditioned, a nice plus in the summer heat.

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Address in Ascea Marina:

Corso Elea, 213.

Ph. +39 097 497 29 79.

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