Puntone di Scarlino is a seaside community with an active harbor, a colorful marina and pine-covered hills that give way to the beaches and coves. North of the harbor are several kilometers of sandy beach with plenty of space and loads of free beach, though interspersed with concessions that rent umbrellas and chairs, and offer beach bars and snacks for those who want services. They offer windsurfing, paddle boards, kayaks, and other water sports. The water is shallow and deepens gradually, making it ideal for children.

Going south of the harbour you'll find lots of coves with less crowds and abundant natural beauty. They are: Cala di Terra Rossa, Cala Le Donne, Punta Francese and Cala Martina. Beyond Cala Martina is the beautiful Cala Violina. That cove gives way to the long beaches of Capo Civinini and then the Punta Ala.

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Puntone di Scarlino.

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