An interesting oddity is the Punta Palascia south of Otranto, which is the eastern-most point in Italy. Along an almost-desolate landscape lies a jagged coastline and it's here that you'll find the rocky promontory with a lighthouse lurking down below the road. It is also called the Capo d'Otranto (Cape of Otranto).

The solitary spot is easy to miss because there are no signs, but once you find the road near the communications towers, you'll find the path that leads down to the lighthouse. This is the place where the Adriatic meets the Ionian Sea, and is the closest point to Albania.

Punta Palascia is especially pretty at sunrise to see the dawn break over the sea and cast its hue across the mainland. It's a popular place for New Year's Eve, for those who want to be the first to welcome the new year as it arrives in Italy!

Punta Palascia is located between Otranto and Porto Badisco.

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Address in Otranto:

Punta Palascia.

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