The Pizzeria Pulcinella in Monopoli isn't "just" a pizzeria, it's a workshop of deliciousness!. The master pizzaioli come from a Neapolitan family with the skill of pizza-making in their blood. They opened a pizzeria in Trani and now in Monopoli, but with exceptional attention to the quality of the ingredients and careful selection of the grains used for the flour. In short, they're sticklers for quality! The owner also launched a pizzaiolo school to train new pizza chefs, again giving them special instruction in the ingredients for the dough as well as the techniques.

What that means for you is that you're guaranteed a delicious pizza and a nice evening out! Stop by and have the experts prepare a pie for you.

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Address in Monopoli:

Via Fra' Girolamo Ippolito, 26.

Ph. (+39) 080 246 2225.

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