Positano is undeniably gorgeous, but the vertical town with its stair-stepped lanes can make parking a challenge! If your holiday rental doesn't come with a coveted parking space (many don't!), don't fret. We have a list of parking lots to help you out.

ORIENTATION: Because Positano is built on the cliff, it undulates in and out, following the contour of the mountain's wall. The main road through town is Viale Pasitea, which you access from the Amalfi Coast Road (SS 163). If your apartment is in the upper part of town, the Chiesa Nuova area, then you'll likely park on the street. (There are no lots or garages in that part of the city, yet.)

Otherwise, you'll turn onto Viale Pasitea (at the Bar Internazionale) and wind your way down. It is a one-way street. The parking facilities that you'll encounter are listed in order of descent. Check your villa rental reservation confirmation to see if the owner included the name of the parking lot closest to your Positano holiday home. (If not, you can always send us a note and we'll be happy to let you know!) Rates are basically the same at most of the parking lots. They are generally hosted, or custodito, meaning they will provide the service, parking your car and retrieving it for you when you want to use it, and some have a person there 24 hours (a custodian/guardian). Note that if you will need your car in the evening, leaving or returning late, you may want one of the 24-hour lots; check hours to make sure they'll be open, as some close the gates at 10:00 PM.

Parking Lots in Positano, in order of descent, after turning off the Amalfi Coast Road:

Upper Positano:

Parking Anna and Parking MA.CRI: As you descend Viale Pasitea, you'll find these two parking facilities side-by-side on the right side of the road, on a curve.

F.illi Milano. Just after Anna and Ma.Cri, and after the curve on the left is Milano.

Carpineto. Down around the next curve on the left side is Parking Carpineto, next to the restaurant, Il Fornillo.

Central Positano:

As you make your way down Viale Pasitea, you'll pass a yellow church on the left, after which things start to get more crowded, with more shops, restaurants and people about...but no parking! So keep descending...

Mandara. After a bit you'll find an Agip petrol station situated on the curve on the left side of the road, and behind it is Parking Mandara. This parking lot conveniently serves the homes located in that "valley" or "canyon". They close at midnight; in August open 24 hours.

City Parking Lot. Keep going and you'll pass clothing stores with the famous Positano breezy linens. You'll see the Ristorante Valle dei Mulini on the right and immediately after it is the green cross indicating a pharmacy. A hard right turn takes you down a cement drive to the communal city lot. (Not custodito and may be full as this is where residents park.)

Parking Gennaro. Don't worry if you missed that turn, because immediately after it is the lot called di Gennaro Central, a hosted lot with 24-hour service. As advertised, it's central; it's convenient to the main part of pedestrian Positano, right before the Piazza dei Mulini. (From this piazza, the pedestrian street takes you down to the cathedral and then down to the waterfront.)

Parking Migliaccio, the "secret" lot. This one gets overlooked because it is right where the pedestrian zone begins, at Piazza dei Mulini. In fact, you have to drive into the piazza for a second, past the church; go right, passing in front of the church and you will see the hosted parking lot. (The downside is you have to contend with all those pedestrians to get to it!)

Parking Russo. Just past the Piazza dei Mulini on the right side. The gate is next to Collina Positano Bakery, and it is directly in front of the Hotel Bougainville. (You may see the signs for bike and scooter rental before you see the Parking sign.)

This is as far "down" into the town as you can go with the car. Just beyond this point, the Viale Pasitea makes it way back up to the coast road.

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