The Arabs called the Nebrodi woodlands "an island within an island" and you'll easily see why when you visit Sicily's largest forest and protected park. Rising from near sea level up through several climate zones, it summits at the soaring peak of Monte Soro at 1,847 meters above sea level (6,387 feet), and transports you to a different world than most think of as "Sicily". Instead of sun-baked beaches and searing heat, you'll find vast, lush woods, a cooler climate and a tranquil, natural world away from the crowds.

The natural park of Nebrodi was established a preserve in 1993 and encompasses 86,000 hectares (212,510 acres) of beautiful pristine land. Within its confines are 24 towns, so while you can enjoy nature, the flora and fauna and peace of the park, you won't be isolated or far from services, either.

You'll find this is a green "island" with high ridges, mountain meadows, high-elevation lakes, and rivers that cascade over rocks into waterfalls and natural pools. There are plenty of hiking trails, and mountain biking and horse riding are available, too.
There are several information points and park offices. Visit one for maps and more information on trails, excursions and outings in the Nebrodi Nature Park. (You'll find a listing here.)

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