Near Alghero is ancient prehistoric village that is one of the largest and most impressive Nuraghic sites in Sardinia. The famous archeological area is impressive, with what encompassed a defensive palace and two central towers, with a large cluster of the distinctive round stone huts that the Nuraghe were famous for. The Capanna delle Riunioni was a meeting place for elders of the tribe, with a low stone bench that lined the walls and a fireplace for both warmth and cememonial functions. There are more than 200 buildings originally on the site, which was constructed and inhabited around the 10th century BC.

The Archeology Area of Palmavera is open from 9:00 AM til 7:00 PM in the summer and from 10:00 AM til 2:00 PM in the winter months. It is located 10 kilometers north of Alghero toward Porto Conte.

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Address in Alghero:

SS 127bis.

Ph. (+39) 329 438 5947.

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