A museum dedicated to the master architect in is set in one of his most beautiful palazzos. In the heart of Vicenza, where Palladio worked extensively, bears 23 of his buildings, including the opulent Villa Barbarano where the museum is housed. Collectively, the Vicenza buildings and others around Veneto region make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The museum is a unique multi-media interactive space that comprises interactive displays, technological projections, a research center, library and special exhibits, all of which highlight "the culture of architecture". Of course, it focuses primarily on Andrea Palladio and his designs but encompasses much more. Speical childrens' programs are available, too.

The museum is open from 10:00 AM til 6:00 PM daily; closed Mondays.

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Address in Vicenza:

Contra' Porti, 11.

Ph. (+39) 044 432 3014.