A family-run and family-friendly restaurant where the walls are adorned with children's masterpieces drawn on placemats and where old-style Tuscan dishes are proudly served. You won't find trendy creations or lightened-up versions of the area's traditional meals -only the real, hearty fare that Tuscany is known for.

Whether you eat in the dining room, the glassed-in veranda or the outside terrace, you will be given heaping helpings of hearty dishes. Long-simmered stews, thick ribollita soup, wild boar sausage, chicken cacciatore, and that famously huge Fiorentina steak grilled over wood are a few of the choices. Only locally-made wine is served (but you won't miss the "famous labels"!)

Osteria San Vivaldo is located near the convent known as "Little Jerusalem" of San Vivaldo.

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Address in Montaione:

Via San Vivaldo, 21 San Vivaldo.

Ph. (+39) 057 168 0118.

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