A tiny uninhabited island off the Sardinian coast of Lotzorai, the island of Ogliastra is a nature-lover's paradise. The rocky isle is made of pink granite with dramatically wind-sculpted rock formations that give it an other-worldly look. Tucked in among the cliffs and rocks are welcoming coves for swimming in pristine water without crowds.

Ferries from Santa Maria Navaresse take you to the island, known as the Isolotto dell'Ogliastra. The name derives from "olivastro" alluding to the wild olive groves that grew here. Today, it is a splendid spot for a swim, and is popular with divers, drawn to the underwater rock formations and the abundance of sea life that is found here. The peak on the island is 47 meters above sea level, crowned by a statue of the Madonna of Ogliastra, a contemporary sculpture overlooking the cliffs and bay.

The most famous -and probably most beautiful- beach is the Rocce Rosse, red rocks. Outlined by iron-rich red rock formations, it's a nice place to sun with a dramatic backdrop. Other coves all around the 10-hectare island offer nature-sculpted settings. Catch a ferry, bring your snorkel gear, or at least your beach towel, and enjoy the splendor of this unusual little island.

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