A nature-created lagoon of white sand and gravel cradled below the rock walls of a promontory make for a beautiful swimming spot. The laghetti (little lakes) of Marinello is a nature reserve where beautiful scenery is uncluttered by development. Above the laghetti is the sanctuary of the Madonna Nera of Tindari, a church that is a popular pilgrimage spot in a commanding position offering gorgeous sweeping views.

Reached by boat or by foot path, the Laghetti di Marinello park is a series of lakes that are ever changing form with the prevailing winds and tides. It was created in the 1860s with a combination of tectonic, meteorlogical and marine conditions at this strip of coast, though the local legend is more colorful. It is said that a woman was worshipping the Madonna at the sanctuary above and her son wandered down into the water and was lost. The Madonna helped her by parting the waters and bringing the boy to safety, and the water stayed separated with the strips of sandy terra firma.

The Tindari promontory is considered one of the most beautiful in Sicily, and worth exploring, and the sanctuary above is definitely worthy of a visit.

The beach of the Laghetti di Marinello can be reached by boat, or by foot. The park entrance is near the Camping Marinello site.

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Address in Tindari:

Laghetti di Marinello Tindari.

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