On the charming little island of Murano, the art of glass making has been an active craft since at least the 900s. Master glass blowers made the Republic of Venice famous for the delicate wares produced here. The furnaces were located on the island of Murano, in the Venetian lagoon, away from the palaces and monuments of the city.

The Glass Museum (Museo del Vetro) was established in 1861 in the Palazzo Giustiniani, a noble palace on the grand canal of Murano. It was built for a patrician family, then became the residence of the Bishops of Torcello, before being turned over to the city as the town hall and archives. When the museum's collection grew larger and Murano lost its status as independent town (being placed under the jurisdiction of Venice) the museum was given the extra space to expand its exhibits and special events. With the palace's long history, there are frescoes, friezes, and incredible chandeliers to admire in addition to the glass displays.

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Address in Murano:

Fondamento Giustinian, 8.

Ph. (+39) 041 739 586.

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