Monte Isola is a magical little isle in Lake Iseo. It has a mountain on it that rises up 600 meters above sea level (1,968 feet), making it the highest lake island mountain in Europe, and the Monte Isola itself is one of Europe's largest lake islands. It can be reached by ferries or water taxis from other towns on Lago d'Iseo and is worth a day trip to explore this lovely place and enjoy some fresh lake fish.

The island is a collection of fishing villages and medieval hamlets, named one of Italy's most beautiful towns. Originally the site of a monastery, it became a noble residence and was under the domain of the mighty Republic of Venice. It retains its air and appeal of an unpretentious place, where life goes on its Old World rhythm. Fishing and agriculture are still practiced here, and Monte Isola is well-known for the fishing nets made on the island. There are also boat builders that make wooden craft by hand.

The biggest town is Peschiera but other villages are worth a visit. There are no cars on the island; residents are allowed to have motor scooters but everyone else gets around by bicycle or on foot (or by boat!) Walk through the wooded paths to the peak, where you'll find the Santuario della Madonna della Ceriola, a mountain top chapel with incredible views and beautiful frescoes. The Oldofredi Castle was a Renaissance-era palazzo owned by a noble family, now a romantic restaurant and hotel. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to enjoy a meal or a drink overlooking the lake.

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