Bologna is a food lover's paradise, and the Mercato di Mezzo is the place of culinary dreams. It is here, behind Piazza Maggiore, that you can find every food item you might want to make delightful meals, or to take home to enjoy a taste of Italia after your trip is done. The narrow street is lined with shops and stalls that sell every type of salami, cheese, prosciutto, olive and bread imaginable. Lush looking piles of vegetables and fruit are still-life works of art, while shops like Tamburini and La Baita are legendary for their choice and quality. Gourmet goodies, jars of sauces, packets of spices, and locally produced jams and products are available in abundance. Most stores will cryo-pack cheese for you, if you want to take it home (ask for "sotto vuoto").

This is a great place to stroll for people watching, a slice of everyday life Bologna-style, and for picnic or dinner ingredients.

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Address in Bologna:

Via Rizzoli.

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