The film that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, as well as garnering fame and an Academy Award for Roberto Benigni as best actor, was filmed in the beautiful town of Arezzo. You can't help but notice the locations as you stroll around town, so watch the movie again and then enjoy Arezzo in a different light!

Some of the principle spots used as film sets in Life is Beautiful (La Vita e' Bella)

Teatro Petrarca. The city's theater is the opera house where Guido first glimpses his principessa, watching her instead of the opera.

Piazza Grande. Arezzo's beautiful piazza was used in several scenes in the film, including the famous one where Guido yells for the keys and they land at his feet.

Piazza della Badia. The adorable bicycle scene with Guido, Dora and their young son all crowded onto a bike.

Piazza San Francesco and the historic Caffe dei Costanti are not only the hit of Arezzo, they're in the movie, too.

Via Porta Buia and the Istituto Statale Vittorio Colonna, the school where Guido comically impersonates an inspector from Rome in order to see his beloved Dora.

Villa Masini in nearby Montevarchi filled in as the lavish home of Dora's family, as well as the hotel where Guido worked.

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