Arezzo's oldest cafe is also its most elegant. This historic spot has been serving the city's illustrious since 1804. It started as part of the Civilta' Accademica dei Costanti, and was frequented by the noble families of the area. Following the unification of Italy, it became a lively gathering spot for all, and continues to draw crowds at all hours and from all walks of life.

Housed in a beautiful palazzo, it exudes an air of romance and style. It was featured in the film, Life is Beautiful. In 1896 when the train station arrive and the new Piazza San Francesco opened up, the cafe was one of the first to utilize the space in front and put up gas lamps for guests to enjoy the al fresco atmosphere. Today, there are outdoor tables and the place still maintains its antique charm while blending modern touches. Serving all day and evening, you can enjoy coffee and pastries in the morning, gelato in the afternoon, pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, or after-dinner liqueurs.

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Address in Arezzo:

Piazza San Francesco, 19.