At the village of Lido Marini you will easily find a beach to fit your mood. There are a couple of kilometers of light-colored sandy beaches along the bay to the north, and then gives way to low reefs interrupted by coves to the south.

The town offers services, restaurants, bars and a welcoming atmosphere where you can hit the beach and have everything close at hand. There are several lido establishments where you can rent an umbrella and sunbeds with snack bars, restaurants and water games right on the spot. Lido Nereide, Saraceno Beach and Playa Blanca are three such concessions.

To the north is the Punta del Macolone, a natural area that includes a wildlife park, a basin, and undisturbed natural beaches where you can enjoy a peaceful day in an undeveloped setting. Water is shallow at the shoreline and deepens gradually in all the areas of Lido Marini. It is located between Ugento and Salve.

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Spiaggia di Lido Marini.

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