With dunes, macchia brush, a hill rising behind with a medieval tower on top, and rocks peeking through the water's surface, this is one of the prettiest beaches in the area. La Scogliera is also referred to as Punta del Telegrafo, but the locals call it simply, scogliera. That's for the rocks and reef that skirt the promontory.

There is plenty of sandy beach and a concession if you want to have an umbrella, sun bed and services, with free acess beach where you can put your towel on the sand, bring your own umbrella if you want, and a picnic. There are also rocks that many like to sun on and swim among. There is a little rock island just off-shore, and around the bend of the promontory are a pair of coves, Baia della Rondinella and Baia D'Argento, which can only be reached by sea (rent a boat at the marina in Casal Velino).

The water is crystalline and clear with sandy bottom that is great for swimming and snorkeling.

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La Scogliera.

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