The volcanic activity that formed the island of Pantelleria has blessed it with naturally-steamy hot springs and open-air "spas".

Lago di Venere: A hot water lake with an incredible blue color, the volcanic mud at the bottom is beneficial for the skin, while swimming and lounging in the hot water helps the muscles unwind. It's a unique type of thermal water experience.

Grotta Benikula': A natural sauna in a cave near Montagna Grande in the area called Benikula', a fissure in the rock emits hot vapors that create a natural sauna that is said to help with rheumatic conditions.

Grotta di Sateria: A series of three hot water basins, partially in a large grotto that opens to the sea.

Gadir: One ample pool and smaller ones in the rock where hot thermal water accumulates, to soak in hot springs.

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