Historic Train from Genoa to Casella

A great way to get out and see Liguria is ascend from the sea to the mountains - on an historic train!. The "trenino" as it is called (meaning "little train") travels from Genoa to Casella in the Apennine Mountains, climbing the steep incline and chugging around tight bends, taking in breathtaking scenery along the way.

The historic line was inaugurated in 1929 and served the hill and mountain communities. During WWII, the trains up into the Apennines were packed with Genovesi fleeing the city and seeking refuge in the remote locales. It had some years of interruptions and inactivity, but has reopened not only for local commuters but for tourists who enjoy riding the rails. The period train car adds to the appeal.

The trenino offers some wonderful opportunities for hiking and biking; maps on the website indicate which stations offers trails, along with an online brochure of regional foods and restaurants. Many of the restaurants offer discounts to train patrons.

Departing from the Piazza Manin station in Genova, the train climbs at a steep incline above the sea, crossing three valleys along the way. Going from 83 meters above sea level to 458 meters above sea level, it transports you away from crowds, noise, sirens and exhaust into the open space and clean air where you'll find green hills, wildflowers and views, accompanied by bird songs. There are some pretty villages, historic sights and an abundance of outdoors activities. Or you can just ride it for the experience and the panoramas. The one-way journey only takes an hour.

Visit the Ferrovia Genova Casella website for details.

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