A small but fantastical wonderland surprises visitors to Sardinia at the Grotta del Fico. This natural cavern sits just ten meters above sea level but the trail along an old riverbed transports you into another world of incredible natural sculptures. Wondrous stalactites and stalagmites crowd the cavity while unusual, delicate crystal-like sculptural formations are delightful.

Reachable only by boat, you'll enjoy gorgeous scenery along the coastline as you arrive to the cliff that is pocked by caves. Because it is so close to sea level the Grotta del Fico isn't open during rough seas or bad weather. It was first explored in 1957, and opened to the public in 2003. The cavern is managed by the Speleology Society Baunese who give one-hour tours accompanied by audio guides in various languages. Since they offer trekking and other excursions, the visit can be combined with other outings, if desired. Since its opening, it has been deemed one of the most beautiful and important of the caves on Sardinia. This bay is the habitat of the rare, endangered Mediterranean monk seal, so keep your eyes open for the playful mammals.

The Grotta del Fico cavern is open daily from June through October. Regardless of how hot it may be when you visit, wear slacks and bring along a jacket for the chilly cavern temperatures.

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