One of Sicily's most celebrated sites is the ancient Greco-Roman theater in Taormina. The impressive ruins rest on the hillside over the sea, renowned as much for its incredible condition as its panoramic position. The ancient structure is still in use - it hosts operas, concerts and the annual Taormina Film Festival.

The theater was built by the Greeks who excavated the hillside to take advantage of the natural slope for seating, taking in the breathtaking view of Mt. Etna. The remains of a small temple can seen next to it, and there was also a colonnade that led to it. The theater was enlarged by the Romans when they conquered the island. The 120-meter diameter structure is the second largest in Sicily, after the Greco-Roman theater in Siracusa.

It is justifiably one of Sicily's most visited attractions, drawn to the history, the condition of the remains and the stunning setting. You can see the sapphire waters below, the town of Taormina, and the smoking heights of Mt. Etna from here. It is more than the worth the €8 entrance price just to enjoy the postcard-perfect panoramas!

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