The oldest of Ragusa's four gardens, it was established in 1858 and offers a green oasis as well as panoramas of the valley and hills. Among the paths are species of Mediterranean and exotic plants, and also acquatic species. There are palm-lined lanes, pools of water lilies, fountains and sculptures, and overlooks. Within the garden are three churches: San Domenico with its maiolica-tiled bell tower, San Giacomo, a baroque gem, and the Cappuccini convent with the Diocese museum.

The garden is listed among FAI's "places of the heart" (FAI is a cultural organization similar to the National Trust, and the luoghi di cuore are those places most loved by Italians.)

Take a stroll through the historic and tranquil garden. It's right in the heart of Ragusa!

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Address in Ragusa:

Via dei Normanni.

Ph. (+39) 093 265 2374.

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