A well-done but under-visited museum in Gaeta's Palazzo De Vio, and holds some beautiful paintings and objects. What had been the Cardinal's Palace and then the seminary, has been transformed into an art gallery with well-displayed masterpieces of religious art. Some of the works are by Luca Giordano, Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, and Giovanni da Gaeta, among other Neapolitan area artists. There are paintings, portraits and gilded opulent altar screens, along with sacred items and manuscripts. A banner from the Battle of Lepanto is also of historical interest.

The museum is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 AM til 12:30 PM and from 4:00 PM til 7:00 PM; other days by appointment.

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Address in Gaeta:

Piazza Cardinale Tommaso de Vio, 7.

Ph. (+39) 077 174 0300.

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