This fantastic route – designed to be walked in one hour - will lead you to the wonderful sea in Minori, passing through the Valley of Sambuco (small hamlet nearby Ravello) with a little change of direction to admire the beautiful convent of St Nicola.

Once arrived in Sambuco, from Ravello (Piazza Fontana) - easy hill trek along an asphalted road -, walk downhill through a large and comfortable path, flanking a low wood, until you get into an ancient but still intact pretty church, once hermitage of Augustinian friars.

The covent of St Nicola – 486 metres above the sea level – located on top of a jutting hill, overlooking the Valleys of Minori and Maiori. According to the legend, during the storms, the local fishermen could sight just the light of the convent of St Nicola, as landmark.

The area is marked with fences and a wide alley will get you to marvellous chestnut woods and an old paved path, partly flanking Sambuco, partly canalized into the village of Minori.

You will be fascinated by that stunning landscape of lemons and vineyards! Pass through a farmer village and follow the ancient flight of steps down to Minori.

The magic position make this itinerary just ideal to admire the magnificent promontories of Lattari Mountain. Beware of the last stretch, it is quite steep!

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