Forio is a picture-perfect town, perfectly framed in its seting between the colourful landscapes of Mount Epomeo and the crystalline sea. It is the most populated town on the Isle of Ischia. Its pretty boat marina, white sand beaches, and pastel buildings make it alluring.

The roots of the name is under debate: some say it derives from a dialectal expression that someone, fed up with the overcrowding at the castle Aragonese, decided to "get out" (forio) of there; while some historians say it derives from the classic language, meaning fertile or land of flowers. Whatever origins, Forio is one of the most fascinating places of the island for the spectacular multi-hued beauty of the landscapes and architectural richness.

The Church of St Maria del Soccorso (XVI century) characterized by different styles including Moorish, and is located onto the promontory hanging over the sea on the cliff. That magical point offers stunning sunsets and lovely views of the towers, built in the XVI century and used as defensive look-outs against Saracen pirates. Among them, the majestic "Torrione" stands out, a cylindrical structure placed at the center of the town.

The stunning villas built on the rocky promontory around Punta Caruso will surely catch your eye. The highlight is the beautiful former residence of a popular English composer, Sir William Walton; the estate known as La Mortella has been turned into a breathtaking garden. The different climate zones show off more than 800 rare and beautiful plants, and it has been named among the most beautiful gardens in Italy. The eye-popping panoramas alone are worth the visit, but the garden really is something special.

One of the most enchanting beaches in Forio is Citara, rich in thermal springs; the name derives from an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Venus Citara, now a temple of a different kind - a thermal park dedicated to wellness called Giardini Poseidon. It is the biggest thermal park of Ischia, with manicured gardens and a private beach. Good restaurants, a "grotto" digged into the rock , shops, a newsstand and a bar guarantee a perfect stay. Enjoy lovely walk through the fantastic flowered beds and stunning baths with different temperatures.

Panza, extremely pretty hamlet of Forio, so appreciated by the Germans and tranquillity seekers. The typical landascape is characterized by the vulcanic crater of Campotese, where to find incredible vineyards and restaurants to taste the wine and local food.

The most important wine house in Ischia is called "D'Ambra Vini" and is located in Panza, where you'll have the possibility to visit the museum of the folk wisdom of the isle, "Museo del contadino".

If you rather are in the mood to try a totally new free experience, go to Sorgeto bay. Here a thermal spring heats the seawater and you can easily enjoy a bath all over the year, in natural pools formed by rounded stones.

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