Forlimpopoli in Emilia Romagna might not be a familiar name but it's a town you should visit if you like food. At the end of June, Forlimpopoli pays homage to its famous food-writer son, Pellegrino Artusi, who wrote the first "national" cookbook on Italian cuisine. The Festa Artusiana brings a line-up of cooking workshops, tasting events, art exhibits, music and entertainment for a week of fun.

Emphasis is placed on regional specialties, as Emilia Romagna is known as Italy's culinary heartland. Old traditions, folklore, and modern appreciation for regional foods are part of the focus, but there are games for kids, along with dancing in the piazza and other things scheduled to help burn those calories from eating!

It's a good way to learn about Italy's rich culinary history. If you're not familiar with Pellegrino Artusi, read this article from our newsletter (and subscribe to the newsletter to get great articles like that one delivered to your inbox once a month!)

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