With an extensive collection in a Renaissance-era palazzo, the Archeology Museum of Bologna is worth a visit. Located in Palazzo Galvani near the Archiginnasio, it houses what had been the ancient university's collection and more modern finds, as well. Artifacts from urban excavations along with excavations from around Emilia-Romagna add up to a very impressive display of ancient works.

The prehistoric period, the Etruscans, the Greeks and the Romans all made a mark here and finds are showcased from each. The Egyptian room is one of Europe's most important displays of that culture.

The Museo Archeologico is open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 AM til 3:00 PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM til 6:30 PM. Closed Monday.

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Address in Bologna:

Via dell'Archiginnasio, 2.