The church of Santa Maria Donnaregina represents one of the most important medieval pearls in the city of Naples. It is actually a complex of two churches - one dating to the 1300s and the other commissioned in the 1600s. The first is in classic Gothic style with high vaults and monumental pointed arches. The wood coffered ceiling is in keeping with classic Franciscan style. The almost severe austerity of the church structure is softened by the fantastic frescoes by Pietro Cavallino and the pair of paintings by Luca Giordano.

The "new" church is done up in gaudy gilt, a highly decorated Baroque contrast to the the older temple. Home to the Diocesan Museum, it offers the chance to get up close to the ceiling decorations by viewing them from an upper floor. Both of the churches are significant architectural structures in the heart of Naples, just around the corner from the city's cathedral and the Palazzo Carraciolo.

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Address in Naples:

Vicolo Donnaregina.

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