Precious small church located nearby Rialto. Built between 1479 and 1504, the last Mauro Coducci’s work of art. Take your time to admire St Christopher, St Jerome, and St Louis (1513), tempera on panel magisterially painted by Giovanni Bellini, located just above the first altar on the right.

Strongly influenced by Giorgione and already ninety-years-old by that time, this probably was the last artist’s oeuvre. Even the frescoed altarpiece representing St. Chrysostom, made by Sebastiano del Piombo, denotes the Giorgione’s influence: it is told that the figures of St John the Baptist and St Liberale were painted by Giorgione himself.

St Giovanni Crisostomo is open to visits every day; 10.30 am - 12 am, 3.30 pm - 6 pm.

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Address in Venice:

Campo San Giovanni Crisostomo.

Ph. +39 041 522 71 55.

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