In a panoramic spot, the church dates to the late 1500s and was built in a local variation of late Gothic style. Set off by its Romanesque bell tower that dates to the 1300s, the church is not to be missed. It underwent recent restorations, and the stunning polyptic is worth the visit. There are also excellent frescoes in the main chapel depicting The Eternal Father surrounded by the Evangelist, from around 1498. They were completed by an artist known as Lucovico il Moro (the Moor).

The polyptic is a masterpiece - gold carvings and gold filigree with extreme depth and intricately carved figures. It is unusual for this area, and something truly beautiful. Don't miss it!

The church's position on a low hill gives it an unbeatable view of the lake, mountains and countryside.

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Address in Annone di Brianza:

Via San Giorgio.

Ph. (+39) 034 157 9533.

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