If you like to get away from the crowded beaches and explore the coast, then get a kayak tour at Marina del Cantone. The folks at Chasing Syrens not just get you out along the Sorrento coast, they give you the chance to see the marine life below the surface of the crystalline water with their transparent kayaks! They offer two guided tour options -a longer four-hour tour or an easier 90-minute tour. They provide everything you need, including cold water, waterproof bags, an expert guide, and give you time to swim in the coves and enjoy the spectacular coastline. You'll paddle through the marine protected area of Punta Campanella.

Transfers from the surrounding Sorrento area to the Marina del Cantone can be arranged, and they offer package options to include an aperitivo or lunch on the beach, if desired.

Kayak rentals available for those who prefer to go it on their own. You'll find the friendly and enthusiastic Luca and Serena on the beach at Marina del Cantone.

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Address in Marina del Cantone:

Beach kiosk.

Ph. (+39) 339 844 6967.

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