Sardinia is a varied island, and one of the most interesting natural sights is the Grotte di Nettuno near Alghero. This cavern named for the Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, is an intricate and awe-inspiring chamber of stalactites and stalagmites formed into fantastical shapes. It is located in the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia, on the promontory at the northwest part of the island. This high bluff is characterized by sheer cliffs that plunge to the turquoise sea. There are peregrine falcons and other birds of prey at the Punta Critallo, and lighthouse stands on the peak of the promontory. There is an abundance of marine and bird life in this area.

But the main attraction is the cavern of Nettuno, reachable by boat in the summer (the recommended route!) or by a staircase of 660 steps (for those who want a work-out!). You enter the cavern by way of Lake Lamarmora, one of the largest saltwater lakes in Europe. Inside you'll find an incredible underground world along the half-kilometer long path. Structures formed by nature's effect in the cavern include the Baptismal Font, a 2-meter high stalactite (6.5 feet); the Christmas Tree, the Great Organ, and Majestic Reggia (palace) and more.

The caves were discovered by local fishermen in the 1800s and became a major tourist attraction. Book a tour to discover the subterranean splendors, combined with a boat ride around the cape to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and hidden beaches.

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