Below Ravello and at the edge of Atrani, the beach of Castiglione is less-known than the others in the area. The cove is hidden below the coast road and reached by a staircase of 200 steps. Once you're there, you'll find a sandy crescent tucked below the cliffs, with noble palaces on one side and the town of Atrani on the other.

The beach offers a section that offers umbrellas and lounge chairs along with ample free public beach on both sides. Because of the cliffs the beach receives sun in the morning and is in shade by early afternoon. There is no parking nearby, but it is an easy walk from Atrani to reach the staircase. Castiglione is a frazione of Ravello, but is right next to Atrani.

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Address in Atrani:

SS 163 Castiglione.

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