The Castle of Pantelleria has undergone many modifications through the centuries, and is today one of the island's most historic structures and a dominant feature of the port. In the city center, it was once surrounded by the water, with a drawbridge.

The defensive fortress may have had origins in the Byzantine period as a tower and keep, but was enlarged and modified through the centuries by the Arabs, Normans, and Spanish. It is referred to as the Castle of Pantelleria and also as Castello Barbacane, which was apparently a clerical error in the Middle Ages that should have listed it as "Castello and its barbacane" but omitted the "and the" part. Barbacane is a separate defensive item, that supports and protects the walls.

The castle has 66 rooms on four floors, with barrel arches, round towers, and secret passages. It also has wonderful views, especially great sunrise panoramas.

The Archeology Museum is housed here, and there are lectures, workshops and special events at times.

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Address in Pantelleria:

Lungomare Paolo Borsellino.

Ph. (+39) 092 369 5037.

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