In Forlimpopoli you'll find a culinary center that offers cooking classes, a bottega, and three dining options, all inspired by cookbook author Pellegrino Artusi. Artusi is the singular name in Italian cooking, who compiled the first book to unify recipes from around the peninsula into one grand tome. Nearly every household has a copy of his book, now in print continually for a hundred years.

Here in his birthplace, this gastronomic center offers a variety of cooking classes (a schedule can be found on their website). A boutique sells aprons, books, and regional products. But if you just want to sample some of the specialties of Emilia Romagna, then head to one of the eateries. An osteria is open at dinner, offering a buffet for a fixed price using products from this area. An enoteca is a wine-bar that features the regional vintages along with snacks. And a nice restaurant highlights not only regional goods, such as salami, balsamic vinegar and cheese, but they follow recipes from Artusi's book, labeling which recipe number it derives from on the menu. (For example, Veal with Fennel Recipe #439). The menu is based on fresh ingredients so changes seasonally. They also offer special occasion menus (Valentine's Day, holidays) or special fixed price menus, such as a highlight of Artusi's favorites, or Emilia Romagna seafood sampler.

Dining at Casa Artusi is a highlight for anyone who loves food!

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Address in Forlimpopoli:

Via Andrea Costa, 27.

Ph. (+39) 054 374 3138.