An interesting museum right at the famous Piazzetta of Capri displays an amazing array of artifacts. Housed in the Cerio Palazzo, the illustrious Capri family bequeathed a rich collection to their beloved island, that includes extensive displays of Paleontology, Geology, Archeology and Biology. You'll be surprised by this museum! They also host occasional special art exhibits. A library specializes in the history of Capri and many other subjects, with 6,000 volumes along with thousands of manuscripts and photographic collections. A bonus highlight -at the end of the museum visit, you can emerge onto the Palazzo's balcony over the beautiful and bustling Piazzetta and enjoy the stunning views!

Monday: from 10:00 AM til 1:00 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: from 10:00 AM til 4:00 PM
Thursday and Saturday: from 11:00 AM til 4:00 PM
Closed Sunday and holidays

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Address in Capri:

Piazzetta Ignazio Cerio, 5.

Ph. (+39) 081 837 6681.

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