In a city that's big on style, even the bars and restaurants have to be sleek. And they don't get much more stylish than Cafe Trussardi. On the ground floor of Palazzo Trussardi, the chic boutique, the cafe' is a popular place for aperitivi or a light meal. There is a high-price restaurant upstairs, but if you walk around behind the building you'll find the entrance to the casual part.

It's right off the Piazza alla Scala, and the trendy bar includes a "square bar" - a glassed-in sidewalk space overhung by cascading plants, populated with hip patrons and even hipper chairs. Inside is the sleek marble bar. Either way, enjoy a drink like one of the "in crowd" or order a sandwich or salad. It's a nice place to relax between sights and soak in the style that is Milan.

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Address in Milano:

Piazza alla Scala.

Ph. (+39) 02 8068 8295.

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