The archeological site and museum at Buccino not far from Salerno is an overlooked wonder, and one you should seek out. The parco archeologico of the Volcei also bears Roman remains, and is a great place to wander. You'll find the ancient walls, the Forum, Roman baths with intricate mosaics, the ruins of the temple, and more. It is uncrowded and pleasant, and easy access off the highway. It is about a half-hour from Salerno.

The archeological museum in town contains the fascinating collection of artifacts collected at the site, and shouldn't be missed. Jewelry, pottery pieces, stone sculptures, and more will amaze you. The museum is inside a former monastery, with a lovely internal cloister that has Gothic-style arched porticoes, a peaceful respite.

Above town, the ruins of the Norman castle are also interesting to wander, and from its lofty position it offers excellent views, too.

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Address in Buccino:

Piazza Municipio, 1.

Ph. (+39) 082 895 2404.